Saturday, August 17, 2013


I was up later than usual last night. I was in bed and television channel surfing when I came across THE GODFATHER on AMC. Of course, it was only the last ten (edited) minutes of the film but I watched it nonetheless. I need to sit down and watch the entire film again sometime soon. I haven't done so if a few years and it's past time for a repeat viewing.

While watching the final few minutes of the film last night, I came up with these three trivia questions. Let's see who's good enough to make consigliere by answering these three questions correctly.

What are the first four words spoken in the film?

What are the last two words spoken in the film?

Moe Green gets shot in which eye?

One funny thing that struck me while watching those few minutes last night was how much this guy:

looks like this guy:

What do you think? Twin sons of different mothers?

PS: if you don't know who these fine gentleman are, I suggest you watch THE GODFATHER and FRANKENSTEIN (1931) immediately.


  1. I believe in America.

    left eye.

    Don Corleone.

    1. acutally right eye - i'm used to seeing it on the left since the camera is facing Moe.

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Thanks to Mr. L. Brazzi for answering all three questions correctly. Thanks for playing Luca. We've got some great parting gifts for you (including a nice long nap with the fishes) and a lovely home version for you to enjoy.