Friday, August 23, 2013


Gotta give a shout out to a terrific new website recently launched by my pal Steve Cook. Entitled "Buro" (hmm, wonder where he got that name?) the website is a celebration of all things Burnet Road. As most of you reading this know, Burnet Road is a miles long strip of commercial real estate that starts in Central Austin and runs north for block after block. Situated along those blocks are some iconic Austin shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues, some of which are still there while others are long gone.

If you're a native Austinite, I'm sure you've got some Burnet Road memories to share. Head on over to to post your stories about this fabulously funky, uniquely Austin street. If you're a newcomer, consider this a guide to the past and present of our beloved Burnet Road. I've already contributed a few pieces and have many more planned.

It's a great website that I know you'll enjoy. Check it out!

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