Monday, September 23, 2013


Like 99% of all of the comic books I've read that were published by Dynamite, the cover art (by Alex Ross) of THE LONE RANGER/ZORRO: THE DEATH OF ZORRO, is absolutely the single best thing about the comic. Every comic from Dynamite I've read has seduced me by it's cover and then profoundly disappointed me with the interior story and art.

THE LONE RANGER/ZORRO: THE DEATH OF ZORRO is no exception to this rule. The script by Ande Parks is okay but certainly nothing spectacular. Do the Lone Ranger and Zorro meet in this story? Yes and no. Does Zorro die in this story? Yes and no. I'm not being coy, just telling the truth.

In addition to a somewhat lackluster story, the art, by Esteve Polis, is also slightly below average. I had trouble telling Tonto and other native Americans apart in several places. The coloring is extremely dark and somewhat muddy at times. The storytelling is good but the art is just too generic for my taste. At times I thought I could see such artistic influences as Marshall Rogers and John Severin. Both of those men are, unfortunately, no longer with us. But boy, either one of those guys, both first rate comic book artists, could have really gone to town on this one.

Recommended only to hardcore Lone Ranger and/or Zorro fans.

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