Monday, June 17, 2013


Famous Monsters of Filmland #29

From July, 1964, FM #29 sports a terrific cover spotlighting the then current film, THE FLESH EATERS. I had this issue when I was a kid and the idea that there was actually a movie out there called THE FLESH EATERS, creeped me out to no end. I didn't see the film until years later and it didn't hold up to my childhood imaginings but then, what does? Other features in this issue include Jerry Lewis attacked by monsters (article about the DC comic book THE ADVENTURES OF JERRY LEWIS, which was beginning to regularly feature a supporting cast of comic monsters), Christopher Lee, THE MOLE PEOPLE and THE 7 FACES OF DR. LAO. Nice balance of features, some featuring new films, others focusing on older ones. 

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  1. "There's something inside me!!! It's eating its way out!!!" (tag line from the radio campaign that summer)