Thursday, May 30, 2013



I watched an episode of THE RIFLEMAN last night. The lovely Patricia Blair, pictured above, was one of the guest stars. It struck me that she would have made a very nice Patricia Savage in that imaginary Doc Savage movie starring Chuck Connors that I seem to be obsessed with. What do you think?

The RIFLEMAN episode was interesting due to the fact that in addition to Ms. Blair, the other guest star was Ed Ames (playing a bad guy). Blair and Ames would later co-star on the long running DANIEL BOONE television series starring UT alum Fess Parker. The hour-long, color adventure series ran on NBC for several years and I always enjoyed watching it when I was a kid. Blair starred as Rebecca Boone, Daniel's wife, while Ames was Boone's native American friend, Mingo. Of course, Ames's greatest claim to fame came when he appeared on THE TONIGHT SHOW starring Johnny Carson. Ames demonstrated the art of tomahawk throwing, a segment that ended in a very memorable way and became a standard clip on every TONIGHT SHOW anniversary show for many years after. Here's how it ended up.


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