Wednesday, January 28, 2015


MEN September 1960

MAN'S MAGAZINE February 1955

Long time readers of this blog will know full well what I confess here: I LOVE Men's Adventure Magazines! When I first started the blog, I often posted images of classic Men's Adventure Magazines (or MAM from here on) covers on almost a daily basis. My purpose was two-fold. One, to share with my readers things that I love and two, to hopefully drive traffic in the form of like-minded individuals to my blog. I also ran a series of posts awhile back featuring covers of all of the MAMs I had in my collection at that time.

My old friend Bob Parker came for the weekend the other day. He was here primarily to play poker with me and the boys in our monthly get together at the Austin Club. But we spent a great deal of time catching up on things since the last time I saw him, which was at my wedding, ten years ago this coming March 12th.

Bob brought along a nice stash of his own MAMs for show-and-tell and we spent a great deal of time going over each and every one of them. They were fantastic! Of course, that led to me going upstairs to the man cave and hauling out my box of MAMs and we continued to ogle and drool over the wonderment contained within.

All of that MAM action led me to realize that, hey, it's been awhile since I scored any of these beauties. Last year's Wizard World Austin Comic Con came up bupkis in the MAM category and I haven't attended a City Wide Garage Sale (where I usually score some MAMs) in quite some time. But there's always eBay!

I jumped online and started searching and before you know it, I found and purchased the issues pictured above, both of them for less than ten bucks apiece. My plan is to continue to buy inexpensive issues of various MAMs on eBay on a more-or-less regular basis. There's some great stuff to be found out there.

Oh, and Bob tells me he might just be interested in selling his MAMs. As Frank and Mike on AMERICAN PICKERS say, "if you're a seller, I'm a buyer." Time will tell. In the meantime thanks to my old friend for helping to reignite a flame that had been turned down to low for far too long.

 It was great to see my buddy again. We had a blast and I hope he'll come down again for another poker game or two later this year.

Good friends, poker, beer, Mexican food and MAMs. Now that's what I call a great weekend!


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