Friday, January 9, 2015


The answer to the trivia question I posed a couple of days ago is CITIZEN KANE (1941). At least, that's the film I had in mind when I posed the question. My good buddy and fellow film buff Kelly Greene had the right answer. We see a credit for the Mercury Players and Orson Welles, the title (seen above) and then a closeup of the Kane family crest on the gates of Xanadu. It's yet another way that KANE was a truly revolutionary, innovative and game changing piece of cinema.

However, I must acknowledge that there may be other films that predate CITIZEN KANE that lack a full title/credit sequence. One reader of this blog, "hcasner", answered with OF MICE AND MEN (1939). I must confess that I have only seen that film once and that was many years ago. I do not recall the title/credit sequence (or lack thereof) in that film. But if it is indeed missing a formal opening title/credit sequence, then we have another winner. I salute "hcasner"'s film history knowledge. I suspect that it's entirely possible there are other films that predate OF MICE AND MEN that subverted the usual opening title/credit sequence. I would love to hear from my readers as to what those films are.


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