Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I must confess that Judy and I have been enjoying MODERN DADS, the new reality television show on A&E. In fact, it's quickly become one of our favorite current programs. The filmed in Austin (look, there's Pease Park! look, there's Precision Camera! look, there's Terra Toys! look there's Callahan's General Store! look there's Central Market! you get the picture) show features four stay-at-home dads who hang out together at Pease Park and get into all sorts of misadventures.

The cast includes Nathan, the new dad, Rick, the veteran dad, Sean, the step-dad and Stone, the single dad. Each episode has provided us with several laugh-out-loud moments and one line in one episode in particular ("this tastes like a hobo's ass") made me laugh very long, hard and loud. If you've ever heard me laugh, you know what that sounds like. If you've never had the pleasure, it's the sound of a braying jackass that has been known to frighten young children and timid adults.

Is it great television? Heck no. It's on A&E. But it is fun to see Austin featured in a television series and while I'm not a dad and will never be one, I enjoy spending thirty minutes with these guys each week. Check it out.

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