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I'm not about to turn this enterprise into a food blog and I'm sure as hell no"foodie" (and please "foodies", get over yourselves) but I thought that from time to time, I'd feature some of my favorite restaurants in the Central Texas area on my blog. You may already be aware of some of these places and you may have  eaten at them. If so, I hope you enjoyed your meal. But if you don't know about these local "joints', I'll try to fill you in on what you're missing. You might want to check some (or all of them) out and I guarantee the food is good at all of them.

Judy and I don't go out to eat very often. We much prefer to stay home and enjoy a home-cooked meal. It's cheaper and healthier. And since we live in Manor, our choices for dining out are extremely limited. When we do go out, we like to head to The Good Luck Grill, located on FM 973, just two miles north of Hwy 290 (and pretty close to our house).

The Good Luck Grill is a small little rustic building on a large parcel of land. In the summer, there's live music and washers out back. Inside, you order at the counter and wait for your number to be called. They serve a variety of food including delicious hamburgers and chicken-fried steaks. But the best item on their menu is their fried catfish and fried shrimp basket (which is what I always have). Giant pieces of catfish, huge shrimp, coleslaw and fries make a very satisfying meal. You won't leave hungry. For more info, go to their website,

Next time you're out our way, check out The Good Luck Grill. Judy and I love it.

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