Thursday, September 20, 2012


You've got to love a television program devoted entirely to that great, classic American food staple: the hamburger. That's it. Nothing else. Just hamburgers.

That's the idea behind BURGER LAND, a new show on The Travel Channel. I've seen two episodes thus far. Host (and burger connoisseur) George Motz has traveled to New Jersey and Wisconsin to bring us the best of burgers to be found in those two states.

Motz travels to old-time, hamburger stands and "joints", the kind of mom-and-pop businesses that have been serving hamburgers for decades. No chains here. Just good old fashioned burgers made and served by hand and with love.

In his travels, Motz is occasionally joined by local burger bloggers for a meal. The two guys (and so far, it's always been a guy), are total burger geeks. They are so passionate that they take pictures of their meals before consuming them and both provide a play-by-play (or bite-by-bite, if you will) while eating their burgers. That's a bit much for me but I do appreciate and respect their passion.

Every place Motz has visited has served burgers that look terrific. I don't know that I'll visit New Jersey or Wisconsin at any point in the future but if I ever do, I'm definitely going to check out some of these places.

And if Motz ever makes it down here to Texas, he'd better make sure to visit Dirty Martin's and Hut's. If he doesn't eat at those two venerable institutions (my two favorite burger joints in Austin), he'll completely lose his credibility.

To find out more about this show (and other interesting programs on The Travel Channel) check out the link posted here on my blog. Tell 'em Frank sent you.

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