Sunday, April 21, 2013


Judy and I attended the City Wide Garage Sale this afternoon after our Sunday School class. There's a dealer there, Lance (sorry buddy, I can't recall your last name), whose booth I always hit first. I also always find something of interest to buy from him. In the last few visits to the City Wide, I've scored some excellent "men's sweat magazines" from him. 

Today as I was looking through his boxes, he recognized me, remembered my area of interest and came over and plopped down two vintage men's adventure magazines in front of me. 

"Three bucks each.," he said.

I only wanted one of the mags but I thanked him and kept looking through his boxes. 

"You interested in pulps?" he asked.

"You bet, " I replied.

"I've got a whole box of them here if you want to look through them."

Of course I did and I was onto the box of wonder immediately. He had a great selection of vintage science fiction pulp magazines. No issues of DOC SAVAGE, THE SHADOW, THE SPIDER or any other hero pulps, but a bunch of very nice sf material. 

"Don't let the prices scare you," he said. "I'll make you a good deal.

I didn't know where to start. Years ago I had a pretty decent little collection of pulp magazines that I had acquired at various shows and at comic shops over the years. A few I had purchased from dealers via the mail. And of course, over the years, I got rid of them, either selling them or trading them off until I no longer had any original pulps in my collection. I picked up some hero pulps a couple of years ago (and I'll post about those mags in the future) but here was an opportunity to score a vintage post war science fiction pulp in decent condition for a reasonable price.

So, what did I buy? AMAZING STORIES for January, 1947 (pictured above). I sure hope Lance hasn't sold all of these pulps by the time the next City Wide rolls around in June cause I sure want to get my hands on another one of these beauties. 

Thanks Lance!

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