Sunday, March 31, 2013


Raise your hand (or better yet, honk your car horn) if you know what these items are. 

I've wanted a vintage drive-in movie speaker for my collection for years. I found one yesterday at a store in downtown Brenham. Appropriately enough, the store is called The Man Cave. They were having a 20%  off sale yesterday and I scored one of these beauties (similar to one on the right above) for $40.00. 

The speaker now sits proudly atop my film reel shipping can, such as the one pictured below. It's the former property of Paramount Pictures, circa the '50s and I bought it in an antiques store in Savannah, Georgia on our honeymoon in 2005. The shipping can and the speaker now reside on the hearth of the fireplace in our den. 

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