Wednesday, December 26, 2012


For Christmas this year, I gave myself THE JUDAS COIN by Walter Simonson. Actually, I bought it and gave it to Judy for her to give to me on Christmas Eve. I sat down and read it yesterday afternoon.
THE JUDAS COIN is an original hardcover graphic novel written and illustrated by Walter Simonson, one of my favorite comic book artists. The book was published this year by DC Comics.
It's a handsomely produced volume that spans the history of the DC Universe in a unique way. A silver coin paid to Judas for his betrayal of Jesus is the through-line of the novel as the coin passes through various places along the timeline of the DC Universe from the distant past to the far future.
Six disparate characters from the rich history of DC Comics are featured in six short stories that both stand alone and advance the journey of the coin. The featured players include The Golden Gladiator, The Viking Prince, Captain Fear, Bat Lash, Batman and Two-Face and Manhunter 2070.
The real treat here is Simonson's stunning artwork. The art in his Viking Prince chapter is more clearly influenced by Jack Kirby than Joe Kubert, Simonson pays homage to Nick Cardy in his Bat Lash chapter, the Batman/Two-Face chapter is presented in three colors: black, white and red and the final Manhunter 2070 story has manga influenced art (which is an odd choice considering that Mike Sekowsky was the original artist on this character. By the way, I hate manga art.)
THE JUDAS COIN is a fun romp through the fields of the DCU and it's always a pleasure to look at Walt Simonson's art. Reading this graphic novel was a great way to pass a quiet hour on a blustery Christmas afternoon.

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