Friday, December 14, 2012


I watched COP OUT (2010) yesterday. This was the first Kevin Smith directed film I've ever seen and I can't say that I was blown away.
COP OUT co-stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as an NYPD detective duo who, although they've been partners for nine years, continue to constantly screw things up. They get temporarily suspended from the force early in the film but work on their own to recover a stolen baseball card from a Mexican drug lord. There's gun play and slapstick and tons of foul language. I admit that I did laugh out loud a couple of times but the film is nothing to get excited about. It's pretty much a by-the-numbers buddy cop action comedy but it's nowhere near as good as such classics as Walter Hill's 48 HRS or Richard Donner's LETHAL WEAPON.
COP OUT is not the worst of this sub-genre I've ever seen. I was entertained while watching it but it's not a film I'll remember nor watch again.

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