Tuesday, October 30, 2012


THE TIME TUNNEL ran on ABC-TV on Friday nights for one season from September 1966 to September 1967. It was a science-fiction adventure series about two scientists who became "lost in time" when they tested their new invention, The Time Tunnel. Each week would find Doug and Tony in an adventure set either in the past or the future as they bounced around the timestream while the scientists at Project Tic-Toc (including the lovely Lee Meriwhether) tried to return them to the present day. 
The series was produced by Irwin Allen, the television sci-fi auteur responsible for VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, LOST IN SPACE and LAND OF THE GIANTS. TIME TUNNEL was a personal favorite of mine.
Gold Key Comics produced two issues of THE TIME TUNNEL tie-in comic book. I own both issues. The above art is the cover of a recent hardcover reprint which collects both issues. The art is from the first issue of the series. The comic books aren't that great but they are some of the few collectibles produced for the series. In addition to both issues of the comic book series, I have the complete TIME TUNNEL series on DVD. You can bet I'm keeping these babies!

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