Wednesday, March 1, 2017


GHOSTS OF KARNAK (2016) is the third novel in British sf author George Mann's GHOST series. The series began with GHOSTS OF MANHATTAN in 2010, followed by GHOSTS OF WAR in 2011. I've read them both and they're highly recommended.

The Ghost, for those of you who might have come in late, is a crime fighter operating in an alternate universe steam punk version of 1920s New York City. By day he's WWI veteran and wealthy socialite Gabriel Cross. By night, he prowls the rooftops of New York as The Ghost, armed with a wicked flechette shooter on his wrist, rockets on his legs, night vision goggles, a hat and a cloak. He's part Shadow, part Rocketeer and 100% pure pulp.

In KARNAK, The Ghost encounters a threat from the tombs of ancient Egypt. A series of brutal murders have the police baffled. They appear to be ritual slayings of some kind, centered around a cult of Thoth worshippers. Gabriel's girlfriend, Ginny, has gone missing since her trip to Egypt. The Reaper, a local crime lord and his small army of cyborg assassins, The Enforcers, are terrorizing the city. All of these narrative strands are of course, connected, but it's up to the Ghost and his allies to figure it all out in time to save the city from total destruction.

The Ghosts' teammates include police inspector Felix Donovan, detective Mullins, museum curator Arthur Wolfe, and modern day witch Astrid. And at the end of the story, there's a new super-powered player in town.

The action is swift and sure. The Ghost battles Enforcers, living statues, resurrected gods and sword-wielding cultists in set pieces that pulse with cinematic vigor. The Ghost would make a perfect comic book series, television show or film. There's a fourth adventure, THE GHOSTS OF EMPIRE, due later this year and you can bet I'll buy it.

GHOSTS OF KARNAK is an adrenaline fueled blast of giddy, pulp bliss. Highly recommended.

Oh, and don't get this KARNAK confused with this guy:

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