Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Once upon a time, Batman and Superman were the best of buddies. I've got a stack of back issues of WORLD'S FINEST COMICS that provides testament to their friendship. But in the upcoming BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, the two superheroes are set to square off against each other in a cinematic slugfest that I'm dying to see.

I know I'm coming to this a bit late. After all the new trailer for the film was released on Saturday (at Comic Con, of course) and I'm sure that millions of fan boys and girls have already watched it and commented upon it. But I want to get my two cents in while my thoughts are still fresh. Oh, and I've only watched the trailer twice.

My overall impression is that it looks great. After MAN OF STEEL (a profound disappointment of a film), Superman was as much a savior to humanity as a menace to the entire world. Batman is the only logical super hero who has the means and resources (and determination) to find a way to neutralize Superman. That's clearly what transpires in the film, with an older Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) coming out of retirement to don the bat costume once more. And what a costume it is! It appears to have been taken directly from the classic DARK KNIGHT RETURNS graphic novel by Frank Miller. It's a bat suit of armor and those glowing eyes are just too damn cool.

So, Superman and Batman will do battle in the film. I'm not sure just how Wonder Woman (who looks hot in the trailer) and Aquaman (if he's in the trailer I missed him) will figure into all of this but my guess is that a huge threat to earth (Brainiac? Darkseid?)  will appear near the end of the film and Superman and Batman will realize that they'll have to work together (along with Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the rest of what will become the Justice League of America) to defeat this menace. That's not great detective work on my part by the way. It's the only logical way this storyline can proceed.

As I said, I'm generally stoked for this one but there are a few things in the trailer that I didn't care for. For starters, the music is simply god awful. I pray that the actual score of the film is better than this Mormon Tabernacle/Mannheim Steamroller on steroids sonic mash-up that seems to be used in almost every sf/action film trailer of the last five years or so. It's horrible, clichĂ©d and annoying as hell. Boy, would I love to hear John Williams score this film! Not gonna happen but it sure would be sweet.

Not sure what the final budget is for this film but surely somewhere in all of those millions of dollars the production company can spring for a tube of Poligrip for Holly Hunter. Her voice over sure sounds like something is slipping in her mouth. Fix it please.

Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) is a total dick in the trailer. He's far too young and flippant to be a ruthless criminal billionaire/scientist. Maybe he changes in the film but so far, he looks to be a weak spot.

And what the hell is going on with Ma Kent (Diane Lane), telling Clark/Kal that he doesn't owe the world a thing? Really? Whatever happened to Glenn Ford saying, "you are here for a reason and it's not to score touchdowns." And don't get me started on how Clark could have easily saved Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) from his death by tornado in MAN OF STEEL. That was only one of several major flaws in that film.

This one is definitely a dark, grim and gritty looking film and I still dearly wish Superman's costume could be redesigned back to the classic look with brighter shades of the primary colors of red, blue and yellow, the way he looked when Christopher Reeve played him, rather than the dark and drab look he currently sports. But this is the hand we've been dealt and despite my quibbles listed above, I'm totally fired up for this one. 


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