Thursday, September 27, 2012


Here's another television show that Judy and I enjoy watching. COUNTING CARS, on The History Channel, is an unofficial, sort-of spin-off of the hugely popular PAWN STARS series. Danny "The Count" is the go-to guy whenever Rick and the crew on PS are considering buying anything automotive. They'll buy or not buy based on The Count's input. Often times when they do buy a vintage auto, they take it to The Count for restoration. The Count's appearances on PAWN STARS must have proved popular enough to warrant giving him his own show and since both PAWN STARS and COUNTING CARS are based in Las Vegas, it's safe to assume that production costs are spread out and shared by those two shows, along with AMERICAN RESTORATION, another History Channel show that's based in Vegas.

The Count and his crew are a bunch of colorful characters and they know their stuff. They rebuild, restore and repair classic cars and motorcycles and The Count has his own personal collection of at least 50 vintage automobiles that are on display at his shop.

The unique thing about COUNTING CARS is how The Count acquires some of his stock. He cruises the streets of Vegas and when he sees a classic car in good condition, he asks the driver to pull over so they can talk. When he finds something he likes, he offers cash on the spot. Many times the owner of the car will accept the deal and The Count has a new car, either for his collection or to restore and flip.

If you like muscle cars from the '60s and '70s and enjoy seeing these beauties restored to their original condition (and better), you'll enjoy this show. The Count and his crew are entertaining and they do stellar work. Thumbs up.

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