Friday, July 13, 2012


COMIC SHOP HEROES debuts tonight on the National Geographic Channel. I can't wait to see it. The show spotlights Midtown Comics in New York City and wouldn't you know it? I shopped there when we were in NYC back in May.

After seeing the way cool dinosaur exhibit at the Museum of Natural History one morning, Judy and I and traveling companions Cathy and Chad, mutually agreed to have an afternoon where we all did whatever we wanted to do on our own. Judy and Cathy struck out for shopping in Soho, Chad did his own thing (just what was it that you did again Chad?) and I struck out from our hotel, the Crown Plaza in Times Square in search of Midtown Comics.

It wasn't hard to find. A short walk down Broadway on a beautiful late spring afternoon brought me to the store where I did some shopping. There was a ton of stuff to choose from on two levels.The store carries new comics, trade paperbacks, graphic novels, action figures, statues, busts, tee-shirts, some vintage toys and games and a ton of back issues.

I took my time and browsed everything thoroughly before settling on three items: DOC SAVAGE: HORROR IN GOLD by Will Murray, a brand-new Doc Savage novel written by Murray using notes and materials left unfinished by Doc Savage creator Lester Dent, a Doc Savage double trade paperback reprinting two classic original pulp novels THE DERRICK DEVIL and THE SPOTTED MEN and a Shadow double trade paperback reprinting three classic Shadow adventures: PRINCE OF EVIL, MESSENGER OF DEATH and ROOM 1313.

The shop was clean and well organized and stocked to the roof but not in a messy, cluttered way. Windows overlook Broadway (the shop is on the second and third floors of a corner building) and let in plenty of natural light giving the place and open, airy feel (unlike some comic shops that can feel like veritable dungeons). The staff was friendly, pleasant and helpful. Overall, a very pleasant shopping experience. Next time in New York City, I'll definitely shop there again.

I was hungry by the time I finished shopping and there was a McDonald's on the ground floor of the building but I figured I could eat at McDonald's at home. I headed back up Broadway and stopped and bought a $3.00 hot dog from a street vendor (they're on almost every corner). Cheapest meal I had the entire time I was in New York!


  1. Very cool that you had the street vendor hot dog. I used to love the street vendor chestnuts (in winter). Not sure whether I had hot dogs, but I suspect we did because I seem to know what they taste like! Nice that the comic store is there and that you got to see it.

  2. All of the food we ate in New York was terrific but boy, was it pricey! The street vendor hot dog was the cheapest meal I had and I really enjoyed it.