Saturday, June 30, 2012


Flop sweat. Opening night jitters. Writer's block. So much blank space to fill. Here goes nothing!

First of all, thanks to my lovely wife Judy for getting me started on this. I would never have become a blogger without her encouragement and support. I love you sweetie!

Thanks also to my friends who have encouraged me to do this. I hope that everyone who reads this blog will feel like their time was well spent. I know you have a multitude of options concerning how you spend your time and the fact that you choose to spend some time with me is appreciated.

I must confess that it feels weird to be writing stuff for free. In my now twenty year career as a freelance writer, I always did this (and still do) for a paycheck. Deadlines also came with the territory. But there's no pay here (at least not yet, anyone who wants to hire me to write for them, please contact me!) and no deadlines.

As the first post said, my interests are mainly old movies, old books, and old comic books. Lots of old stuff. Hey, what do expect, I am old! But I do read new books and comics and I do watch new movies (not many), so you'll see comments on them as well.

My passions/interests/obsessions are many. Here's a sampling of some of the things I'll write about in addition to the broader categories listed above: WWII, James Bond, Doc Savage, The Shadow, Superman, Jack Kirby, The Andy Griffith Show, pulp fiction, film noir, action figures, the Paramount Theatre (and old movie theatres in general), Woody Allen, the Three Stooges, Clint Eastwood, Forrest J., Ackerman, Famous Monsters of Filmland, Paul Harvey and classic TV shows, among many others.

In addition, I hope to take many trips down memory lane and recall old Austin and what's left of it, places like Dirty's and Hut's, both of which I love. Your mileage may vary but if you went to Brykerwoods, O. Henry and the old, original Austin High, you'll find some connection here.

Radio icon Paul Harvey used to regularly name drop his beloved wife Angel and his son, Paul Harvey Jr., or "Young Paul" as he was often referred to. He also made mention of Reville Ranch, the Harvey retreat in the Ozarks. Well, to paraphrase my hero, Judy is my "Angel", our dog Grady is our "Young Paul" and the Campbell household here in beautiful Manor, Texas is our Reville Ranch. Stand by for blogs!

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